9 September '04
Alan Arrested on a Previous Charge

13 September '04: Press Release from Alan Yurko

My incarceration on 9 September ‘04 stems from an old parole violation (see Parole Situation). This matter originated in 1989 and has nothing to do with shaken babies, vaccines, medical mistakes and prosecutorial misconduct. This was a crime of property and not a crime of person. As well, our legal team reported that the case was closed and the warrants withdrawn in 1999. We assumed this to be true and that this was over with. We were sure that my release was a new start for us, and this arrest was more of a shock to us than to anyone.

However, we are glad that we are able to face this and do whatever we have to do to make things right. I deeply regret the actions of my youth and pray that the last seven years will have some bearing and influence in regards to such.

I am not the same person I was all those years ago. The birth and death of my son has completely changed me on many levels. I have no excuse for my past actions and the poor choices made. I accept full responsibility for my actions. I am completely and utterly ashamed of my teenage years, as well as my decision to violate parole.

Many of you who have been with us through the years are aware of my past record. Although it is something that we do not broadcast, we also do not hide it. I pray that the misadventures of my past do not overshadow the accomplishments of the past seven years. As well, I hope that future goals will not be hindered.

Our goals and our dreams are still to reunite our family and continue to raise awareness, help those in need, raise money for charities and work with the medico-legal communities to help the course of justice and truth. Thanks to all of you who stand by us unwaveringly. We will do what is right and not let you down.

Much Love and Gratitude,
Alan R. Yurko

See also Statement Regarding Evidentiary Hearing Outcome


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