Alan's Parole Updates
Permanent release postponed
from 7 March '05 to 15 March

Parole Update - 1 (global e-mail sent 13 Sept. '04)

Attention All Yurko Project Supporters:

Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water... we have one more storm to weather. After two weeks of joyous freedom and family reunion, Alan was arrested for a parole violation dating back to an incident from 1989.

Although this is not a YP matter per se, it does involve the Yurko family. This matter is unrelated to, and does not reflect upon, the more recent case of baby Alan. We are explaining the following situation so you are informed as to the facts. Our lawyers and law enforcement authorities had repeatedly checked into this. We were assured the matter was closed, and therefore there was no need for concern or further discussion about it.

As we hope you know, we have always made it a point to be upfront with our supporters, which is why we post all issues pertaining to his case on our website for all to read. Again, this is an unrelated situation that Alan deeply regretted and assumed was behind him.

Here’s what happened:
As a teenager in Ohio, Alan was charged with burglary. He had been associating with a group of teens who got into trouble, and he makes no excuses. He served about six years and was released on parole for good behavior and the fact that this was a crime of property and not person. For clarification, there was no weapon or violence involved, there was no one home, and nothing was taken.

The problem? Alan was paroled in the summer of 1996. We met in Ohio after his release, but I moved to Orlando when I learned my stepfather there was dying of cancer. I was pregnant with baby Alan, and Alan made the unwise decision to leave Ohio without permission so he could support me and be with me during the birth. He had two months remaining on his parole.

Alan accepts responsibility for his actions and choices and the violation of that parole. He wants nothing more than to make things right and make peace with that past so that he can move forward, get on with his life and be reunited with his family.

Alan sits in holding until he is extradited back to Ohio. They have a standard 10-day extradition time, perhaps longer if they need an extension due to Hurricane Ivan, which is now approaching. Once he gets to Ohio, the timeframe for a hearing with the parole board to determine the outcome is also uncertain.

Parole Update  - 2 (global e-mail sent 20 Oct. '04)

Hello All,

We don't consider this Yurko Project business per se, but because of the amount of inquiries coming in and because sending out a global email will ensure that no one will be left out of the loop, here's an update on Alan's current situation.

He is now in Ohio (after 19 days en route!) at Lorain Correctional Institution. He has not been capable of writing to anyone during the transport process, and unfortunately he does not have his address book to touch base with many people. I've just sent him envelopes and writing paper, as it will be a bit longer before he'll be able to buy such things himself. I will also be piece-mailing him his address book.

The mail rules are basically the same as they were in Florida, with a few changes. He can still have up to 5 pages of written material per package; however, he can no longer receive stamps. Now he can receive only 'embossed envelopes' (pre-stamped envelopes from the post office). And, he can have only 3 of those embossed envelopes per package sent. He can also have up to 4 sheets of writing paper (stationery) per package. So, a single mailing can contain up to 5 written pages, 3 Post-Office postage-stamped envelopes, and 4 sheets of stationery.

I was just given notice that Alan's parole board hearing will be 08 Nov 04 (2.5wks away). He should learn of the outcome directly after the hearing. If you have already sent your support letter to the parole board on Alan's behalf, many thanks. Please make sure you have sent me a signed copy of it. If you have not yet sent me a copy, please do so now.

Parole Update  - 3 (global e-mail sent 19 Nov. '04)

I On 8 November I had a hearing with a Parole Board Representative and a Parole Officer. This was a preliminary "on-site hearing". I was found guilty of six out of nine violations. Three violations were invalidated. Of the remaining six, three were from my Florida convictions and three from the Ohio incident (leaving, changing residence and not reporting). As a result, my parole has been revoked.

I'm now scheduled to appear before a formal Parole Board panel on 5 January 2005. The prison-time sanction for each violation will then be determined. On a positive note, the time served in Florida and since my re-arrest will count toward the total. So hypothetically, if the total is ten years, my time in Florida and in Ohio though January will be deducted, leaving three years to serve. If seven years or less is determined, I'll be given an immediate parole.

The Parole Board has published guidelines which assign a range of time to be served for each violation. However, they're not set in stone. At their discretion, the Board can go outside the guidelines. This is known as "upward or downward departure."

I want to thank all who have sent letters of support to the Ohio authorities. This has been, and will be, an important factor, and there is still time to continue sending in letters. If you haven't already written a letter, and you'd like to show your support, I gratefully encourage you to do so. Instructions are available to assist you. A Form Letter is also there, which can be used as is or as a guideline to follow in creating your own message.

As noted previously, this issue is not strictly a Yurko Project matter, and we wanted to keep it separate. However, we've had numerous requests from supporters to be kept updated on the situation, as well as offers of support. We have only YP mechanisms in place--the website and the email list--with which to do this.

We don't want this to reflect on the Yurko Project, because I alone am not YP. The Project has come to be a collective of families, professionals, activists, and organizations that work together to bring awareness, advocacy, and justice to families and persons falsely accused of hurting their children. It's a conduit to not only aid and educate families in the public in legal issues, but to help expose the junk science that perpetuates the injustice. My case is just one of many.

I did violate my parole/supervision contract. My choices were irresponsible and wrong. I'm ashamed of my teenage years, as well as my choices in violating the supervision of parole. I apologize to you if you feel a sense of let down, but pray you do not lose faith in me, or let this deter YP from continuing it's mission. I'm not the 19-year-old fool or the idiot who skipped parole any more. Everything that's happened, the Yurko Project, and the support of all you great people have changed all that. I never really knew about purpose, direction, and passion like I do now.

I assure all of you that our inner core of activists, doctors, lawyers, and supporters are all with us and that we will continue on strongly. We will not be deterred. I promise to continue using my experience and abilities to keep the Yurko Project in full swing. But frankly, I can do much more in that regard "on the outside" than in jail. So, in that way, the parole situation is a YP matter, so to speak, and why I now ask for your letters of support.

I owe a debt of gratitude to all who've stood by me and YP. I've finally come to like myself, what I'm doing, and where my life is going; and I'm not letting that go or giving up.

Once again, we Thank You for your support. The next update will come after the January parole hearing. If you have further questions please email YP.

Parole Update - 4 (global email sent 6 Jan '05)

Hear ye! Hear ye!

On Thursday, 06 Jan '05 at approximately 11:00 AM, the Ohio Parole Board declared that Alan Yurko will be "immediately released" on March 07, 2005!

Bureaucracy being what it is, there is a standard 60-day period from the hearing decision to finalize the release process.

After careful review and diligent research into the circumstances surrounding Alan's extradition to Ohio on an outstanding technical parole-violation status for leaving the State of Ohio 7 years ago to see the birth of his son, Alan was released for time served.

At last, Alan will be reunited with his wife Francine, their daughter, and family.

More information will be coming soon, once Alan composes himself and a statement :-) So stay tuned! If you have any questions please email YP.

Parole Update - 5 (global email sent 4 Mar '05)

For a reason not fully understood at this writing (4 Mar '05), Alan's release has been postponed by the parole officer until 15 March.

Apparently, the officer has to go to the residence to which Alan will be released and check everything out. Release is then set for two weeks after that. For whatever reason, we don't know, the officer didn't get there in time to hold to the original release date. So, another 8 days are in the cards.

Bureaucracy strikes again :-)

Don't worry. We'll keep you posted with any more details.

REALLY gratefully,
Alan, Francine & the YP Staff




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