The prestigious medical journal, Medical Hypotheses, published an article by Professor C. Alan B. Clemetson entitled "Barlow's disease." It describes the phenomenon and the role of vaccinations in its pathogenesis. It then goes on to describe its application to the Yurko tragedy, and bids for the release of this innocent man.

Clemetson, CAB, Medical Hypotheses (2002) 59(1), 52-56
BARLOW'S DISEASE (Abstract/Summary)

"The classical form of Barlow's disease, or infantile scurvy, with bruises, broken bones and sores that will not heal, is rarely seen today, but it seems to be reappearing under a different guise, when infants with borderline vitamin C depletion are assaulted with too many inoculations at one time. Moreover, it is now sometimes mistakenly diagnosed as child abuse."

Article is available online at doi: 10.1016/S0306-9877(02)00114-7

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