A Plea From Alan Yurko and Supporters

Below is information on how to help, a list of supporters, and instructions for sending mail & things to Alan and Francine.

Dear Friend,

My son Alan was vaccinated despite several contraindications. He was a premature baby weighing only 5 lb, 9 oz at birth. My wife's pregnancy was complicated with maternal gestational diabetes, and group B streptococcal infection (which in itself poses a high risk of infant death). My son suffered in his short life from pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome, and hyper- bilirubinemia. Despite all of this, he was given a cocktail of vaccines at eight weeks of age.

The day after he was vaccinated, my baby developed a fever and started to fuss. Ten days later he emitted a high pitched scream. We were told to expect this and not to worry. A couple of days later he stopped breathing. I rushed my baby to the hospital where he died after several severe iatrogenics took place (iatrogenic diseases are those caused by physicians).

Because we could not explain his injuries, and because I was the last adult alone with him, I was charged with aggravated child abuse and first degree murder. We could not afford counsel; our lawyers were public defenders.

If that wasn't enough, our four-year-old daughter was taken by the authorities to 'protect her' from me - the accused who was in a maximum security facility without bond. She was used by the police and authorities to threaten and blackmail my wife to help them fabricate evidence and testify against me. My wife, Francine adamantly refused to do this.

She was charged as an accessory to murder and our daughter was placed in extended custody. Here, she was sexually battered and molested when her 'protectors' left her unsupervised with two boys who had a history of deviant behaviour. Francine's charges were dismissed after great effort and cost and our daughter was returned. They both fight every day to bring our family together and have been fighting since 1997.

More recently, we discovered that one of the vaccines given to my son - DTaP - was from a batch of vaccines that stands as the number one ranking in deaths, the number one ranking in non-recoveries, and the fourth ranking in total events reported for all Connaught Labs DTaP vaccines between 1990-1999. DTaP 7H81507, which was given to my baby was a Hot Lot.

I am serving a life sentence in Florida without the possibility of parole. I loved my little boy. I did not kill my son. His death was the result of the medical treatment he received and a fatal reaction to his childhood immunisations.

Since my conviction, I have rallied the support of an armada of scientists, doctors, and organisations which support my innocence. Doctors and scientists from 15 countries, including the US, have stood up to support us (see list below). We have numerous reports from experts who, after record review, have declared my innocence. Many are up in arms at the iatrogenic (damage from medical treatment) implications shown in the hospital records.

Many reports by independent scientists can be found on this website. The report by Drs Harold E. Buttram and F. Edward Yazbak represents nearly 2,000 hours of review and research of the case. Several organizations have started legal fund campaigns.The International Chiropractic Association's Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics has established a fund which will not only help us defray the phenomenol costs of justice, but will help others in similar straits.

Other organisations such as PAVE (People Advocating Vaccine Education), ICHF (Int'l Council For Health Freedom), CCMRF (Common Cause Medical Res. Foundation), TIP (The Informed Parent-UK), and the United Kingdom's National Vaccine Information Center (VAN-UK) are helping us in an effort to raise funds.

In addition, groups and organisations involved in health freedom and awareness are taking a stand to help us show this injustice and maybe prevent it from happening to others. There are many other families, like mine, who are being destroyed.

We pray that you take interest and offer any assistance you can, whether it be financial, professional or spiritual. This is not just about one family's injustice. It is about hundreds of families who have and will experience such tragedy.

In earnest,
Alan R. Yurko Family and Supporters

Click here for a more detailed overview of the story, with an autopsy/trial summary and evidence of Alan's innocence (for lay persons and professionals).

Gratefully, we have a large number of supporters, increasing regularly, of which approximately 300 are doctors, scientists, health care professionals and experts. Over 115 organizations on four continents also stand behind us. Below is a partial list. If you see any error, or don't see your name or organization and wish to be listed (or removed), please contact ypwebmaster@geminipress.com. We THANK you all!


Yurko Project Supporter List  (page top)

Harold E Buttram MD, FAAEM
F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP
Jane M. Orient, MD, FACP
W. Jean Dodds, DVM
Mary N. Megson, MD, FAAP
Prof C. Alan B. Clemetson, MD,
Douglas R. Shanklin, MD, PhD,
Viera Scheibner, PhD
Harris Coulter, PhD
Archivides Kalokerinos, MB, BS,
Richard Moskowitz, MD
Horace B. Gardner, MD, JD
Catherine Diodati, MA
Mike Godfrey, MB, BS, FACAM,
Jana Shiloh, MA, CCH
Michael Culbert, DSc, PhD
Dawn Richardson, pres. PROVE
Jock Doubleday (NWNM Inc)
Susan Kreider, RN, CPC, CNOp
Hilary Butler (IAS)
Alan Scohy, MD
Kris Gaublomme, MD
Meryl Dorey, pres. AVN
A.J. Jillani (PAVE)
Lisa Jillani, (Dir, PAVE)
Lauren Antanaitis (Asst. Dir, PAVE)
Judith Coates, DI hom
Gary Krasner, CFIC
Guylaine Lanctot, MD
Philip Incao, MD
Bernard Rimland, Ph.D
Walene James, founder VACLIB
Edda West, pres. VRAN
Ingri Cassel, pres. VacLib-NIC
Don Harkins, ed. the Idaho

Rebecca Carley, MD
Sheri Nakken, RN, MA
Maxine McMullen, DC, FICCP
Molly Rangnath, ed. ICA Rev
Greg Wilson, BS
Gunner Oedum, MD
Tad Lonergan, MD
Dana Ullman, MPH, DHM
Patricia Kane, MD
Tedd Koren, DC
Eva Snead, MD
Amnon Goldworth, PhD
William G. Kracht, DO, FAACP
Teddy H. Spence, DDS, ND,
...NMD, HM, DSc, PhD
Barbara Mullarkey, pres. IVAC
Dr.med. Barbara Kramer
Toni Blake, MA, JD
Kizzie Exum, JD
Lyn Thomson, BVSc, MRCVS
Warren Bruhl, DC, DICCP
Grace Girdwain, cons., auth
Christine Anderson, DC, DICCP
Peter Baratosy, MD
Richard Neubauer, MD
Anthony Penepent, MD, MPH
Marvin E. Miller, MD, FAAP,
Rita Hoffman, pres. Anaphylaxis
Magda Taylor (TIP)
L.David Mirkin, MD, FCAP, FAAP,
Yoshinobu Horiuchi, MD, PhD,
Patrick Holdsworth, VI/HAN
Maureen Hickman, ACII, Carters
...Law Firm
Colin Paterson, MA, MSc, DM,
...FRCP, FRCPath
Andy Jones, dir. VAN-UK
Drs. Renee & Alan Foster, DC
Roy B. Kupsinel, MD
Anne Attivissimo, pres. L.I.V.I.N.G
Donald Scott, MA, MSc, Pres
...Common Cause Foundation,
...Ed Journal of Degenerative

Bonnie Marsh, ND
Barbara Everett
Laurence Biggs
Trina Doerfler, DC
Judith Frennung
Michael Haley, DC
Robin Jean Wolf
Anthony Stewart, NAPSAC
Sheri Tenpenny, DO
William Kramer
Sue Marston, PRISM
Alex Gilmore
Marvia Dorman, RN
Karen Maidra, CCMRF
Melanie Melvin, Ph.D, Di Hom,
Dewey Duffel
Joseph Mercola, DO
Todd Gastaldo, DC
Phil & Noreen Meyer
Michael Nield, CCMRF
Art Mackenzie
Wanda Bedinghaus, MD
Lynn Soehner
Ronald L. Hansen, MD
Marsha Hansen
Cyrus Wood-Thomas, DC,
...DNBHE, DHom
Rose Stevens
Henry N. Williams, MD
Steven Sego
Tammy Kyles
Jane Muriithi
Jody Bong, Esq
Diane Snyder
Harold W. Clark, Ph.D
Nancy Peterson
Candace Hill
Tim O'Shea, DC
Aileen Bosworth
Tina Warren, DC
Oscar Falconi
Anita Barrows, PhD, DIHom
Kristin Evans, ICRT
James Bolton
Lilla Beck
Toni Krehel, AP
Ginny Kimble
Avghi Constantinides, DHom,
...MA, HMC
Vlado & Anita Petek
Dr Corey Cameron-Cooper
Tove Toft
Dr Dick Versandaal
Donald Dyall
Samuel Grebstein
Louise Mollot
Sondra Coleman
Regina Ruiz, WGNU
Sally Schindler
Capt. Joyce Riley, RN, BS
Averette Lackey
Jon Rappoport
Marianne Michels
Alice Benben, RN
Audrey Hussey
Karen Lynch
Elizabeth Elcoate-Gilbert
Joe Accurso, DC
Jessica Allen
John Petherbridge
Mary Wulff-Tilford
Bruce M. Hale
Cary T.T. Ooi, MBBS, JP, GCAE,
...Dip Health Law
James Stunkard, CN
Lyndsay Wood-Thomas, BS
Dewey Martin
Dr. George von Hilsheimer
Robert Murdoch, AP
Tanya Leibowitz
Janis French Green
Majella Gee
Amy Lansky, PhD
Marjorie Tietjen
Linda Kessler
John Hammel, pres IAHF
Mary Jane Fritz, GWHA
Marka L. Bruhl, DC
Angela Vasquez
Joanna Karpasea-Jones, dir. VAN-UK
Vic Humeniuk, ed. TPP
Kathryn L. Stephens
Dr. P.A and Mrs C.C Sleigh
Richard G Shuster
Kenneth Schmidt
Jeff Sathre
Connie Roux
Ronald Riley
Stephanie Dunlap
Dr Marc Deru
Marvin T Arnsdorff, DC
Sonja Mountain, DC..
Roy Ostenson, DC
Heather McClary, DC
Crystal Cameron
Brenda Cooper
Cathy F. Bowers
John Panigutti
Ralph K. Campbell, MD
Laurie Schlafmitz
Sevaste Spaker
Marnie Ko
Linda Mihovich
Dr. Ron Beare
David Shaffer
Peter Thiboud
Roxanne Gill
Patricia A. Sterner
Mrs. O. Gant
Christie Cassel
Joseph Chunko
Jim Keith
The Kars Family
Anna Kuziw
Karen Holt
Robert Holt
James De Ruiter, MD
Ralph Smeed
Zita Kalebaugh
Sandy MacInnis
Jean Bailey
Sam Caldwell
Terry McConnell
Martha Schneider
Shelley K. F.
Ien Van
Bernadette Jameson
Dana Christensen
Nan Scott
Mike Sammon
Judy Davis
Jane Peterson
Dr Michael Lavallee
Barbara Zanter
Anne Ferioli
Lisa Vena
Deborah Kahn
Larry Guerre
Marla Levinsohn
Bina Robinson
Donna Barker
Lisa Ciopettini
Hans Sherrer
Donna Young
John West
Curtis Collins, DC
Walter Fredette
Stacy Navarro
Richard D. Fischer, DDS
Dolores Boozer
Marsha Friedenberg
Jane Preston
Nessie King
Joe Edore
Robert Krakow
Dr. Serge Jurasunas
June Wilson-Billing
Sandra Desorgher MA-FScN,
... MA-TFM
Brian Wilshire
Loren Gould
Dr Emmanuelle Wait
BJ Biley
Solomon Stavely
Marianne Stavely
Teresa Gearing
George Ann Hughes
Lois Hoffer
Karin Schumacher
Sue Thompson
Kay Schubert, PI
Jennifer Johnson
Robby Via
Everett Ludma
Mary Jordan
Don Meserlian
Ashley M. Waters, DC
Suzanne Azar
Osvaldo Cannavicci
Albert Potts
Michael Yaekel
Marjorie Phipps
Ken Phipps
Olga Farber Becker
Andrew Schafly, Esq
Angie Holden
Louise Taylor
Dr. Dawn Duffy
Steven S. Purdy
Gina Saurer
Kalindi Pacarro
Charmaine Jacqueline Smith
Robert J. Woodland
Betty J. Woodland
Karen Tuohy
Midge Hammer
Margie Roswell
Christopher Kent
Mike Dick
John H. Newton
Mary Seid
Frank Varese, MD
Dr. Richard Kunin
Hans Kugler, PhD
Connie Bougher
Debbie Cox
Norma Janzen
Dawn Winkler
Nathan Blesse
Peter Kawaj
Judith Acosta
David Brownstein, MD
Wally & Debby Hines
Portia F. Jennings
Malik Tariq Mansur
Modesta Chavez
Michael McAllister
Danielle Sanders
Hilde Murphy
Tracey Schultz
Jackie Taylor
John Freund, PhD
Barbara Freund
Jennifer Zint
Teri Small
Sascha Sarnoff
Patricia Sutherland
Harlan A. Eidson
Marleina Hampton
Dr. M. G. Samuels
Thomas R. Merrill
Angie Howard
Anita L. Robinson
Mark Breiner, DDS
Dr. Alicia Nossov
Richard Hull
Penny Mellor

Byron Barnhart
Dr. Tim Infuhr
Dr. Susan Fleuchaus
Dr. Jessica Smiley-Hedrick
Pat Jakobsen
Dr. Bridget Horan
Dr. John Mayfield
Dr. Don Garrett
Dr. Chris Allen
Dr. Bill Puglisi
Dr. Christopher M. Tobin
Angela Burr-Madsen
Gateways Health Care
Edward L. Madsen
Charles DuGas-Standish
Heidi Standish
Beverly Jenson
Clarence D. Jenson
Dr. Catherine Bay
Jan Edward Morse, D.C.
Dr. Phina McBride
Dottye Means
Paul Anthony
Lana Anthony
Dr. Sidney Leitson
Harold Boozer
June Foran
Jaimi Zee Conyers
Carl Stephenson
Susan Stephenson
Dr. Peter Holleran
Dr. Craig Smith
Dr. Emily Zverina Vonmatrix
Dr. Charyl Silva
Peggy Miller
Carol Stronstorff, SPCP
Dr. Barbara Kelly
Dr. Nora Oakley
Dr. Dave Noble
Lori Infuhr
Dr. Judith Mazion
Dr. Jaeofo Hans
Jeff Simon
Sophie Limpus
Dr. Jan Edward Morse
Dr. Joseph Esposito
Dr. Darren R. Dondero
Israel Harrison
Barnett J. Weiss, LCSW
Annette Corrente
Michael Corrente
Ronald Roy
Christina Waldman, Esq
Anne F. Robertson
Paul Shapiro
Eleanor Kriinsky
Lisa A. Lundy
Orlando Lopez
Doudlas Booth
Emmy Wolff
Laura Jenson
Ann E. Fonfa
Dr. V.C. Ortiz
Dr. Pamela Traum
Dr. Brent Baldasare
Dr. Willa Duree
Lesa Rhoton

Dr. Jack Manuele
Lee Zohn
Drs. Cuhel & Cretsinger
Dr. Lisa Connors
Dr. Alaina Roswell
Dr. Sondra Tillou
Drs. Randall & Patricia Kloor
Dr. Muriel Perrillat
Drs. Brian & Jennifer Prax
Carol Parnell, DC
Dr. Sharon Weilman
Dr. Paul E. Harris
Dr. Carla J. Hoelting-Harris
Dr. Jeremy Ronge
Glenn & Elizabeth Buege
Dr. Rick Cavallero
Jenny & Audy Dibley
David & Lorilen Prosser
Margaret Elliot
Mary Ann Wellford
Amanda Wellford
Carol Frazier, RN
Marilyn Decker, RN, MSN
Bart & Connie Bushman
Edward "Jay" Salmon, III, WHP
Dick van Steenis, MB, BS
Dr. Karen Lyke
Debra Seltenreich, RN
Erin Casterlin
Colette Leick-Welter
Jon Nield
Andy Hazard, VAN-UK
Kathy Maseo, VAN-UK
Kendra McConnell, VAN-UK
Harry Clarke
Ina May Gaskin
Peter G. Tocci, BA, MT
Jeff Rense
Hal Huggins, DDS, MS
Nancy Waldeck
Charlotte Gerson
Russ & Marie Silcock
Greg Ciola, ed. Crusador
Thomas Young, ND, DC
Patricia Rose
Miki Bell & Luc Chaltin
Randi Allaire
Katy Festinger, FNP, RN
Judith Schreibman, CCH, RSHom ...(NA)
Diane Carr
Madeleine S. Waters
Mericke Tamm, PhD
John Fryer, MSc (chem)
Lorraine Streuli
Carmel Smith
Ulrike & Ebbon Johnson
Marilyn Gruber
Patch Adams, MD
Karen Hartman
James Hartman
Michele D. Deeter-Peairs
Rick Peairs
Richard Statler, DC
Richard & LaRae Ream
Caroline Smith
Loren D. Rhoton, Esq.
James Bailey
Mark Welch
Anthony Cichoke, DC, DACBN,
... PhD
Tunia Hyland
Mike Hoffman
Lisa Zaretsky
Elaine & Johnny Matjasec
Tanya Osterman, VacLib
Leonard Horowitz, DMD
Mary Sparrowdancer
Janice Richardson
Boris Dragin
Karen Mutton
John Scudamore, WHALE
Joanne Olds
Alison Appleby
Peggy Kooijmans
Joseph Pelosi
Lana & Joel Belvis
John D. Soileau, ND
Diana Buckland
Jeff Sell, Esq.
Renee Lyn Bassleff
Triocha Herlihy, RN
Trina Marx, DC
Dr. McLean
Suzette Ware
Shari Alexander
Christina Waldman
Miranda Thervian
Dawn Courtney-Coles
Michael Ellner, DD, PhD
Sandi Asazaw, PA
John Plunckett, MD
Win Wahrer, AIDWYC
John Cowley
Suzan Cowley
Nina Genetten
David Thrower
Helen McKinnon, ITFA
Christina S. Abel, MVN
Peter Butler
Rick Hodish, DC
Danielle Sarkine, UA
Rioch Edwards-Brown, SBS5
Laurie Bailey
Lisa Reiss, CTVIA
Ray Gallup, Autism Autoimmunity
Jamie Murphy
Fred & Tammy Carrington
Grace Leibolt, MA, MBS, PI
Julie Abbot
Julie Duffield, UA, UVAC
Dr. David & Rosy Taylor
Barbara Flynn, CHERUBS
Anthony Alitiriste, MD
Barbara Muller, OSTEOMED II
Kevin W. Harwood, DC
Rex Prewitt
Andreas Schuld, PFPC
Charlotte Seale
Margaret Griffiths
Paula Simons
Tim & Julia Wood
Liz Hynam
Phil & Cath Sleigh
Andy & Eva Boothman
Pauline Black, BA, MCH, RSHom
Gillian Wright
Saffron Cooper
Carol Rochfort
Maureen Jones
Phil Corner
Rioch Edwards-Brown
Jane Muthiga
Andrew & Cynthia Duffy
Deborah Olenev, CCH, RSHom (NA)
Brian Murray, ND DO, PhD, Hbt
Susan Stockton
Andrew Bartlett, DC
Robyn Chuter, ND
Robin Goffe
Becky Ellis
Violet Harris
Synthia Maniscalco
Jane Mearian
Harriet Pellar
Leda Gonzalez
Haim and Eileen Rahamin
Alice Verheijden, IAS
Johanna Vine
Rev. Ace Ballard
Ben Roth
Dawn Norton
Joseph Rogers, DO
Randy Outzs
Diane Outzs
Carol Outzs
Mike Outzs
Ed Herndon
Ed King
Leonard Henderson
Martha Ann Farnam
Sheila M. Rogers, DO
Anita Rouse Silkwood
Melanie Baldwin
Mrs. Olwyn Grant
Lyn Jenkins
Shannon Scott, ND
Ronald Marmura
Vicki Maples
Randall Neustaedter, OMD, LAc
Svitri Clarke, RSHom (NA), LAc
Colin Kirk
Sola Instruments
Karen F. A. Hunter
Joanna Field
Robert Reisinger, DVM
Sarah Ann Butler
Sander Bolis
Ken Halvorsrude, Doctors Best
Marjorie B. Anderson
MaryAnn Kessick, pres. AIA
Techshare 98
Jerry Williams
Walter Morse
Leanne Wylef, PfAM
Helen Lawler, PfAM
Audrey Nieber
Teresita Santiago
Dan Zelenka
Elmer H. Winter
Marianne Underwood
George Kagwe
Marelle Burnum-Burnum, ND
Bart Meacham, Esq.
Tracy Emblem, Esq.
Ernest L. Parker
Kiley Myers
Fintan Dunne
Lynn M.
Brian Coogan
Joni N.
Steve Purdy
GH Summage
Greg Villers
John Smith
Lynne Smith
Sascha SA Sarnoff, HAPI
Karen Ryall, PA
Amanda Maxwell
Merlin Graff
Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson
Corey Cameron Cooper, DC
P.R. Griffith
Sveinn Andri Sveinsson, HRL
John Plunkett, MD
Emmy Wolff
Benjamin C Jaus
John Bryant, LF
Sherry Veatch, MCPIST
Donna Meads-Barlow
Mary Hirzel
Steven Snapper
Carl Recksiek
Richard Freer
Roberta Freer
David Freer
Jonathan Freer
Harriette Lenore Freer
Marcia Dickens
LaShonta Miller
Sheila Rogers
Association for Comprehensive ...NeuroTherapy
William Hyland
Mrs. J.L. Johnson
Lois Nelson
Michael Volin
Dr. Michael F. Garger
Julia Irons
Harald Panjer
Marcella Panjer
Toni Anne Gorgone
Daryl Kennedy, Esq
Jackie Horowitz
Evelyn Lewin
Lynn Hutchinson, MD
Jeanette Wilk
Colin MacDonald
Beverly MacDonald
Neelu Berry, PharmD
Eward Lieb
Mark Sircus, Ac, OMD
Sue Haugh
Roxine Gardens
Al Martin
Collette Martin
Philip Hussey
Jeanne Ohm, ICPA
Kevin McAdam
Kerrie Liao-Youngs
Dawn McLean
George J Pabich
Cathy Felder-Bowers
David Dodart
Sage C. Berton
Rudy Torres
Lauren Kelleher
Zoe Lenska, PhD
Cindy Stolten
Jan Klyve
Wilma Nettinger
Roger Vos Burg
Dr. Kathlene Faraone
Linda Christensen
Dr. Karl Schippel
Dr Tammy K. Brazil, ND
Ed Sanzo
Rick Brukart
Elaine Proti
Vanessa Keeler
Richard Casdorph MD
Sylvia Provenza
Rodrigo Rodriquez, MD
James R. Privitera, MD
Murray Susser, MD
Randi Airola
Dr. John Heidrich
Debs Barton
Dr. Darrel Crain
Kate Hecht
Dr. Natalya Telenchenko
Glenn R. Perkins
Deborah Davidson
Marika Liljeroos
Mary Wells
Barbara Carr
Jim Kleebaum
Steve Cohen
Mark Sundloff
Amy Cunnah
Danielle Sanders
MaryBeth Fitzgibbons, PA
Karen Gorney, RN, CHom
Elaine Barbour, Esq
Dr. Gina Barros
Freida M. Miller
Dr. Kimberly Stagmeier
Lisa Hearn
Lynn Peck
Bob Merce
David Laurie
Kimberley Medlins
Sandi Rizzo
Kelley Reymond
Bob Cunningham
Professor Steve Xue, PhD, ND
Devin Corzine
Laila Sholtz-Ames
Brett Ballantine
Dr. Debra Rykoff
John Burroughs
James Robinson
David Schneider
Bev Larson
August Tomelleri
Marleina Hampton
Christine Swihart
Dr. Karl Johnson
Dr. Laura Van Roo
Dr. Dawn Falite
Dr. Jenni Leever
Heather Peterson
Dr. Catherine Stemp
Dr. Heidi L. Henrickson-Zohn
Eric Parks
Dr. Amy Gail DuBois
Mark Troyer
Rebecca S. Troyer
Sunny Derzay
Bessie Jo Tillman
Patrick Tillman
Marilene Beardslee
Dr. Jim Davis
Heather M. Davis
Nikki L. Blaha

Prof. Dr. Jon J. Kabara, BS, MS, PhD
Dr Alan Scherr
Dr. John Palmer
Dr. Peter Holleran
Martha Romero
J.D. Nolan
Dolores Nolan
Dr. Christopher Kawa
Dr. Mary Fitzsimmons
Dr. Celene Gohsman
Gregory Gohsman
Healing Ways, PLLC
Hersey Health Care
Dr. Gregory T. Thorton
Dr. Carol Faust
M.H. Faust
E. M. Wolff
Anastas Harris, Ph.D.
Dr. Leslie Skinner
Dr. Todd Cadwell
Dr. Emily Mastezuwicz
Dr. Sherie Viencek
Dr. Jeff Burrowes
Deborah Simon
Cherie Dover
Clint Rogers
Dr. Enrique Marroquin
Dr. Pauline Adamson
Dr. Stuart Hoffman
Allan Katz
Susan Katz
Karl R. Mesloh
Ethel A. Mesloh
McKay Krecht
Brenda Lamber
Warren D. Smerud
Rosemary T. Volpe
Lynwood Lawrence
R. E. Prahl
Dr. Timothy Francis
Brenda Giman
William Giman
Dr. Kathleen G. Voshall
Kara R. Gade
Janice Sicari
Karen K. Sharpe
Dr. Joan S. Kent
Karyn Tegtmeier

Leeda McCabe
Sam Braxas, MD
John and Christine Simpson
Walter Moore
Irwin Goldenberg
Frank C. Williams
Rick D Soltan
Debra Seltenreich RN
Susan and Erika Levin
Bonnie C. Rabin
Douglas and Laurie Derose
Serafina Amoroso
Elaine Regal
Thomas Morrow
Ben Siragusa
Carrie Snyder
Sol Sherman
Kasia Rose
Gerry Bohemier, DC
Gernot Vielking, DHM
Dr. Glen Canale
Hannah Rappaport
Neil Nathan, MD
George and Sandra Pabich
Savistri Clarke, CCH, LAC
Julian Jonas, CCH, RS Hom
Jeannon Kralj
Gerhard Bedding, AURUM
Maria Moniz
April Oakes
Eileen Rahamin, BSc,RT
Tara Tinker
Mark Vinson
Debra Grater, VIAL
Ken Grater
Jeannon Kralj
Maribeth Ortega
David & Delores Kricker
Norman S. Cohen, MD
Tim & Wendy Moore
Mrs. HL Madden
Jason & Michelle Kehrer
Christine Colebeck
Jyll Johnstone
M. June Robinson
Lloyd Schwartz
Higa Richter, TAPS
Terri Su, MD
Durr Elmore, ND, DC, CCH, RSHom
Mohammed Al-Bayati, PhD, DABT,
G. William Jones, MD
Wendy Callahan
William Westerdorf, DDS
Doug Morrison
Juliet Kauffman
Kim A. Murray
Louise McLean
Larry Rice, CJN
Ida C. Jones
Bill K. Woford, MNH
Bernice Romero
Jacqueline M. Klein
Joseph Hattersley
Angelique Hart, MD
Kim Makris, CCH
Joseph Giardi
Jennifer Sisemore
Ronald Pollack
Georgia D. Dow
Paula Pate
Robert Jay Rowen, MD
Therezina Jones, Ph.D., DHM
Anthony Bazzan, MD
Bach A. McComb, DO, ND, PhD
Andrea Bird
Dharmacarini Súddhabha
Penny Scrivener, ECNP
Don Croft
Mario Aranovich, FEP
Lois Hartzler
S. Joshua Mendel
Sally Collins
Catherine B. Ciryak
Sarah Romero
Western Research Marketing
Richard Dyches, PhD
Christine Johnson
Barbara Bryan, NCADRC
Florence Giardi
George H. Warnock
Mureille Pollack
Virginia Gina Tyler, DHom
Tamerah Boffa
Warren M. Levin, MD
Susanne D. Sherrat
William Flagel
Albert Zegiel
Donna Young
Melanie Climis
Dr. Michael Nightingale
Jeff Mueller, MD
Thomas Dorman, MD
Joan Atkinson
Gabrielle & Thomas Gladish
Jack Samuels
Clive & Barbara Nield
Ronald S. Winkler
W. Douglas Brodie, MD, HMD
J. Shimocka, DO
Christine DeHeera, MSHom
Sheila LM Gibson, MD, BSc, MFHom
Russel Whelan
Carolyn Hallet, JD
Carol Ward
Peter Guinee
Mandi Bulmer
Lisa Blakemore Brown, PhD
Bina Robinson
Peter Hallet
Helen Clemetson
Monika Grosch
Lesli Handwork
Brian Lamb, ND, DO
Emma Scott
Brian Newbold
Mr. J. and Mrs. B. Scannell
Ms. D. E. Rendle Shalom
Mrs. S. K. Lay
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Allen
Ms. P. M. Griffin
Helena Pike
Mrs. J. D. Healey
Ms. C. R. Abrams
Ms. F. Donovan
Nicole Reilly, Ph.D
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...Health Ctr/AU
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Susan Pearce
Prof. Ngure wa Mwachofi, PhD
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Anne Lord
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Dr. William Trebing
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Diana Rustam
Claudia Ayaz
Barbara Dively
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Angelo Rooker
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Qianna Boyd
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Dennis J. Elliot
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Amy Wydrinski
Rachel Stafford, MASC (CRIM),
...LLB, MA
Kim Kalina, NJNHC, RSHom (NA)
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Ellen Brown
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Greg Morrison
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Dawn Evens
Elijah Cry Ministry
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Patricia Erickson
Ray Napolitano
Leila Peich
Helene Read
Owen Fonorow
Alan Gaby, MD
Martin Feldman, MD
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Mike Hoffman
Sandie Carlin
Manette Loudon
Shirley Lipschutz
Amanda Finlay
Jamie Yurko
Maureen Dixson
Maurice Rodrigues
Dirk Kelder
Jeremy Allen
Sheila Roberts
Suzette Ribeiro
Rose M. Grayson
Diana Kelley
Tracy Anderson
Prof Joseph DuRocher, JD
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Sarah Franzel
Cindy Crowell
Mary Starret
Tracy Emblem, JD
Kathleen Sturm
National Health Federation
Elizabeth Parker
Rini Stephenson
Carl Carter
Cheri Tips
Molly Phifer
Maddie Becka
Cathy Carlson
Katondra Lawson
Rodney L Edington
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Andrew Duffy
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...National Health Federation
Scott Tips, Esq
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Brewer Family
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Doug Switzer
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James Weiner, MD
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Dr. John Hanover
William Doscher
Bobby Callahan Doscher
Jennifer Zingone
Israel Martinez
Michelle Mulliniks
Kathleen Slonager
Dr. Ken Whittemore
Dr. Rebekah Wittman
Dr. Cynthia Horner
Gwen C. Peters
Dr. Charles Chapple
Mari Erikkson
Diane L. Weinerman
Dr. B.D. Gaudino
Dr. D.A. Molthen
Dr. J.P. Earnest
Dr. Mary Ladick
Fenander Chiropractic
Dr. James Gant
Robert Titon
Thomas Burdett
Kris Gentile
George Gentile
Friedhelm Kirchfeld NCNM
Kelly Synoweic Moroney
Mrs. Roger Titone
Jenifer Rivera
Abarr Lake Chiropractic
...and Acupuncture
Dr. Louis P Salfi lll
Dr. Mary Khoury-Salfi
Dr. Pamela Levinson
Dr. Patrick J. Walsh
Dr. Susan Rayeshi
Dr. Bo Polny
Dr. Elizabeth R. Erkenswick
Dr. Robert Bean
Nolan Carter, JD
Dr. Michael A. Hartle
Dr. Monique Levesque-Hartle
Jennifer Johnson
Dr. Eric Gislason
Dr. Mitchell Corwin
Mary Lou Williams
Dr. Doris Falk
Dr. James Pizzadilli
George Talley
James Howenstein, MD
Dr. Faith Leuschen
Claudia French
Dr. David Graves
Dr. Anthony Yoshino
Dr. Nicole Albuquerque
Dr. Joseph Carr
Paul Given
Dr. Thomas Kerr
Dr. Kay Schubert
Joseph Noonan
Jocelyn Dulay Barnhart
Dr. Wanda Post
Dr. Joan W. Brandt
Dr. Daniel F. Allen
Dr. Jeffrey Vanderheym
Dr. Maria A. Clarine
Dr. Steve H. Hist
Gretchen Kumlien
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Janine Rose Gallo
Dr. Pierre P. Dalcourt
Dr. A.B. Barrow
Dr. Mary R. Sakalosky
Girod Payton
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