1 Feb '04: AAPS Votes to Submit "Amicus Curiae" in Yurko Case

Great news!

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), with a membership of several thousand private doctors, has has stepped up to the plate in the Yurko case (see 26 May update below as well).

At their annual meeting in Orlando, Florida (18-19 January 2004), AAPS voted unanimously to submit an "amicus curiae" brief (volunteered opinion or "advice" to the court). This will add immeasurable support for the evidence accumulated since the conviction that demonstrates Alan's innocence.

AAPS is one of over 115 organizations around the world committed to Alan's release and to bringing reform to issues of vaccine safety and medical error.

The case approaches resolution with an upcoming evidentiary hearing in the courts. The office of Judge C. Alan Lawson contacted Alan's attorney on 19 December 2003 to advise him that an evidentiary hearing had been granted, but that the date had not been set.

A 16 January 2004 letter to Alan from his attorney indicates that some additional legal wrangling by the State Attorney must still be addressed before the date can be arranged. This concerns a stated intention to request a "pre-hearing discovery," which involves taking depositions from Alan's witnesses. In turn, Alan's attorney would probably "depose" the State witnesses. So apparently things are a bit more up in the air than thought. Such is life in the justice system. However, the support of AAPS strongly reinforces positive results. We will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, this "delay" gives us more time to raise needed funds, and all YP supporters are urged to continue the fund-raising effort. If you have donated, know that you are appreciated beyond words. Please consider, if you haven't, sending a note to folks in your e-address book, with a concise review of the situation and a request for help. See below, "Why reversing this case will help many people" for "suggested" ideas to include.

26 May 2004 Update
The AAPS amicus brief can be viewed here.

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