Why Reversing This Conviction Will Help Many People

"Our outreach assistance has attracted dozens and dozens of cases like ours that need our help, review, support and consultation. While it has been overwhelming, it has also been rewarding to be able to provide research that can assist others in their defense. Providing a network of support and education is vital to our cause—ending the plight of those falsely accused of SBS." - Alan R. Yurko

Alan has been in jail for 6 years. Before his false arrest and conviction, there was little help out there. After his incarceration, the Yurkos began their trail-blazing odyssey of researching SBS and contacting professionals to review the case. In that time, the case has gained international attention and recognition in newspapers and other publications—including a number of medical journals—and on the Internet. Due in great part to the Yurkos' and their supporters' efforts, help is growing.

Although the work the Yurko Project and others have done has already helped prevent many convictions, very few false convictions have been reversed. At any rate, no case is as "notorious" as this one, especially with regard to aspects that so sharply outline the medical malfeasance possible in such cases, including the apparent motive of harvesting infant transplant organs. Therefore, the international reverberations from winning this well-known case will help greatly to expose the problem and pave the way for many other reversals and preventions.

From the article Did Baby Alan Die of Shaken Baby Syndrome? by Harold Buttram, MD, who has reviewed, and testified in, numerous cases:

The Yurko case is eminently winnable. Its particulars make the likelihood of another equally propitious opportunity remote. Based upon what we can only imagine the post-vaccinal suffering of that small, fragile life to exemplify, not to mention the misery visited upon his loving family, we—professionals and lay persons alike—must not relent in our insistence upon measures to prevent such tragedy. To this end, the Yurko case must be won. No other outcome is thinkable.

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(Why reversing this conviction will help many people)

Alan Yurko


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