Yurko Project Appeal Alert

June 2003


The State of Florida has filed its rebuttal to our appeal. It is our opinion, as well as our legal team’s, that the State’s arguments are evasive, obfuscating, and weak. However, in order to set the record straight and strengthen our position at a very likely evidentiary hearing, we are exercising our option to file a reply. The State’s briefs are sloppily prepared and lengthy, which will require time for us to post on the website. We are attempting to get them posted, with our replies as well, by the time we file our reply to the State in July.
Note 3/5/04: The attempt to post all this material has been put on hold.
--YP webmaster

An example of the State’s facetious arguments is the claim that even if the evidence we have now (for example, autopsy mistakes such as wrong measurements, cross-contaminated tissue, erroneous testimony, conflicting data, etc.) had been presented to the jury at trial, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome!

To review the complaints we've filed against three doctors:
Shashi B. Gore, Medical Examiner

Hospital treating physician, Ben Guedes, MD

Hospital examining physician, Matthew Seibel, MD

The Florida Deptartment of Health has responded to all Complaints, saying it is beginning an investigation. The evidence we've presented is very difficult to ignore, and, we believe, is a big step closer to the truth.


We ask all of you--your individual family members and circle of influence--to write a letter to our judge expressing your opinion and support for the case and for justice. A sample form letter is included below. It can be copied and pasted into a word processor for printing and mailing (preferred) or into another email. Feel free to edit the letter with your own words. Be sure to put the date in where indicated: [date here].

If this does not suit you, feel free to submit your own letter. Please be sure to include the case number CASE NO. CR98-1730 and the case name, State v. Alan Yurko. Please copy us on your letter sent and any responses received.

Although we are confident we will win the legal battle (indeed, they appear to be reaching for straws), the State has successfully prolonged the agony and strained our financial resources. We’ve been fighting this for nearly six years, and although at times we get weary, we will never give up. It has been said by several legal and medical professionals that the only thing that could possibly stop us is the lack of funds.

The State has a virtually unlimited expense account. Unfortunately, we do not. We thank God for all of you who have supported us over the years, and it pains us to have to subsist this way. However, as we get closer and closer, things will get more and more crucial. Lawyer and expert fees range from 150 to 200 dollars per hour, and collateral expenses are nearly as staggering.

Any help or ideas are greatly needed. One family, after seeing local TV coverage of our case, is in the process of organizing a tag (yard) sale with neighbors on her street, and others have pledged small monthly amounts. Every little bit helps, and this is how we’ve survived and have accomplished so much over the years.

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Or send a check to…(see Home Page for current address)

The Yurko Project
PO Box 585965
Orlando, FL. 32858-5965

Alan and the Yurko Project



Judge C. Alan Lawson
Orange County Courthouse
425 N. Orange Ave. Suite 2025
Orlando, FL 32801 (USA)
Phone: (407) 836-0577
Fax: (407) 835-5086
Email: ctjual1@ocnjcc.org


The Honorable C. Alan Lawson                                        [date here]
Orange County Courthouse
425 N. Orange Ave. Suite
Orlando, FL. 32801 (USA)

Re: Case No. CR98-1730, State of Florida v Alan R. Yurko

Dear Judge Lawson,

I am writing to express my unhesitating support for Alan R. Yurko and his family. The evidence they've accumulated from the many medical professionals who have reviewed the case strongly shows that the Yurko baby, Alan, was killed by a series of medical events beginning with a bad reaction to a hot-lot vaccine and continuing with subsequent hospital overdoses of heparin and bicarbonate.

Evidence also shows that a highly compromised autopsy and poor investigation then led to wrongful conviction, which devastated the family. The preponderance of vindicating evidence is overwhelming, and I strongly urge you to review that evidence and allow it to have fair hearing.

I believe this case has enormous public importance because countless others are affected, and could be affected, by the many issues involved. Thank you for your attention and consideration in this matter.


Your Support is Greatly Appreciated. . .

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(Why reversing this conviction will help many people)

Alan Yurko


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