Appeal Update 11, 9 August/04


Our progress and accomplishments continue, and we have some interesting news bits to share. The years we've worked and waited will all begin to pay off at the hearing scheduled for 23 August 2004 before Judge C. Alan Lawson in Orlando, Florida, which is expected to last at least a week. Remember, this is not a new trial, but an Evidentiary Hearing in the Florida appellate process, which will address whether or not the conviction should be overturned, or whether a new trial should be held.

Our witness list has been amended, and we are very pleased to add Drs. Archie Kalokerinos, James Weiner, and Jerry Bush to our lineup. Dr. Kalokerinos, a nationally decorated Australian expert, is well known internationally. He was voted by a physicians group in Europe as Physician of the Century for his work and lifetime achievements.

Dr. Weiner is a tenured and well-respected forensic pathologist, as well as a Florida Medical Examiner. Dr. Bush is a board certified (internal medicine) expert, as well as a certified medical examiner, with degrees in pharmacology and law.

Also, we've added internationally reknowned Jan Leestma, MD, an expert in neuropathology and pediatric head injury, who is currently Consultant Neuropathologist, Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago IL (his Emeritus postions include St. Joseph Hospital Department of Pathology, Chicago IL; Associate Medical Director and Chief of Neuropathology, Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch, Chicago IL).

We now have (14) experts/witnesses in various fields and capacities. To check out the others, click here.

We have a strong legal team led by former Orlando prosecuter Mary Fitzgibbons (Fitzgibbons & Pfister, PA), with our former lead attorney, Loren Rhoton (Rhoton and Hayman, PA) in the 2nd chair position. And, the well known and respected attorney James Filenbaum, who's work in myriad vaccine cases is legendary, has offered his legal consultation services as well. Of special note, Fitzgibbons and Pfister have employed a new legal assistant and special case coordinator to work exclusively on the case full time. Please welcome Mrs. Francine Yurko (yes, our own Francine) officially to the legal team!

We now estimate that nearly 50 people will be travelling to Orlando to witness the hearing. The media will be there as well. Gary Null and Associates, led by Chief Operations Officer Manette Loudon has been given permission by the courts to film the hearing in it's entirety for their planned PBS documentary. We also expect extensive media coverage: WFTV (ABC), WFOL (FOX), WESH (NBC), WKMG (CBS) and CFN-13 (IND) will be covering the courtroom. The Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Weekly will have reporters there, and so will other news publications such as the Idaho Observer. In short, the courtroom will be packed.

If you are planning to attend, contact Francine (below). We should be posting regular updates on the website during the week of the hearing. It's all coming to a head, and without all of you who have donated time, service, money, prayers and research, it wouldn't be possible.

Alan, Francine, and the YP staff.

Funding needs are critical. We are encouraging people to help raise funds by appealing to their personal circle of influence. If you have donated, know that you are appreciated beyond words. Please consider, if you haven't, sending a note to folks in your e-address book, with a concise review of the situation and a request for help. See below, "Why reversing this conviction will help many people" for "suggested" ideas to include. If you are interested in fundraising ideas or have any of your own, please contact Alan Yurko.

We also have the "Yard Sale" Online, where donated Items are available as optional incentives for people making cash donations. Check it out if you haven't.

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