Summary Update by Alan, 11/7/03 (Appeal Update 6)

Alan Yurko continues to inform the world about the plight of the growing number people falsely accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). He also continues working tirelessly for numerous attorneys and their clients to win cases. But Alan's own case is moving forward, with a hearing likely to be scheduled for early 2004. Attorney and expert fees are mounting to well over $50,000. If you are moved by the Yurkos' plight and steadfast dedication to helping others, please consider tithing monthly to this worthy cause.

Patient and hopeful action encompasses the Yurko Project as we prepare for the evidentiary hearing wherein our appellate claims of vaccine damage, iatrogeny and an unfair trial will be argued with expert testimonies, documented proof, and many years of research and preparation. We await the decision to hold the hearing (and when) by judge Alan Lawson of Orlando, Florida. We believe it will happen in early 2004. Meanwhile….

• We’ve amended the original appellate motion to include the documented toxicology evidence of heparin and bicarbonate overdose, as well as the Kevorkianesque decision to do so by our baby’s attending physician, Ben Guedes, MD.

• Complaints were filed against Ben Guedes, MD; Medical Examiner Sashi Gore, MD; and Matthew Seibel, MD to the Florida Dept. of Health (FLDOH). Gore’s autopsy report is riddled with over 25 mistakes, including measurements, data, conflicting testimony and mysterious tissue samples that were not Baby Alan’s. As a result, the FLDOH has launched a full investigation.

• The aforementioned Complaints have also been filed with the Florida Medical Examiners Commission (FMEC) and professional medical organizations and workplaces. Another very serious Amendment & New complaint was sent via email to the FMEC. An investigation is collaterally underway. The three complaints (and the Amendment) can be accessed from the FY home page.

• Gore has announced his resignation/retirement amidst a media maelstrom of blunders and mistakes in numerous cases, with the Yurko case being the highlight. He has admitted to the press numerous mistakes made in our case, which has helped bring his incompetence center stage. Our prosecutor, Robin Wilkinson has resigned after a DUI arrest where she refused to take a breathalyzer.

• Media networking is beginning to increase, with several cases being featured in the online SBS conference/forum developed and funded by medical journalist Sandy Mintz of It is hosted at The Yurko case in particular has appeared in numerous publications throughout the country, including the "Orlando Sentinel," "San Francisco Herald," Townsend Letter for Doctors, Latitudes, and International Coalition for Health Freedom.

• Our outreach assistance has attracted dozens and dozens of cases like ours that need our help, review, support and consultation. While it has been overwhelming, it has also been rewarding to be able to provide research that can assist others in their defense. Providing a network of support and education is vital to our cause—ending the plight of those falsely accused of SBS.

• While all other areas are brimming with action as we approach the hearing, fundraising is at an all time low. We need money, ideas, assistance, and people to help us keep the machinery oiled and financed. We have the proof, the experts, and the legal team. We even have mainstream media support. We’re now shifting focus to raising the serious money needed to pay for the upcoming expert fees, travel expenses, and attorney fees.

Overview of Yurko Project current and imminent debt
Expert Fees:   $26,500
Attorney Fees:  $3,500

      Subtotal:  $30,000

Projected Evidentiary Hearing Costs:
Expert Fees:    $15,000
Attorney Fees: $8,000
Miscellaneous:  $1,000
          TOTAL: $54,500

Average Monthly Debt Gain: $1,500

On the “VaxScene” front, discussion boards are rife with debate over the Yurko case. We intend to make available very soon one of our Amicus Briefs authored by Alan Yurko and Toni Blake, MA, JD to educate the courts on the SBS/Vaccine connection. See

Several attorneys and public defenders in both the U.S. and abroad have contacted us and have found the writ to be amazingly helpful.

This Update is just the tip of the Yurko Project “iceberg” as we continue to bear down on the State of Florida. Please peruse the website and get involved. Your help is very much needed. If you don’t know how, contact us and we will direct your energies appropriately. To receive Yurko Project updates and email alerts, send an email to with the word “subscribe” in the subject line.

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