The Commercialization of Childhood Vaccination:
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The present generation of children is the most vaccinated in recorded human history. Both the number of vaccines and their combinations have increased from those given to their parents and grand-parents, with some of the latter having been only vaccinated against smallpox in the 1930s. The current childhood vaccination programs involve 33 doses of 10 different vaccines (or more by 2001) with others in specific situations. More vaccines are being investigated or are in the pre-marketing stage with genetically engineered vaccines providing an almost unlimited prospect for commercialization. Vaccines are being increasingly combined in order to reduce the number of injections, and currently Hexavac, a 6-in-1 vaccine by Aventis Pasteur is being promoted and another with 9 combined vaccines is being registered in Europe by MSD. All have had little or no independent research into long-term adverse health effects. Certainly, no controlled studies have been done into the subsequent health of vaccinated compared with unvaccinated children.

The impetus for this explosion of vaccines appears to have been a US Congress indemnification of the vaccine manufacturers against punitive damages incurred following severe adverse health effects. It appears that this Congressional Act resulted from manufacturers losing costly court cases and warning Congress that they would cease manufacturing vaccines unless protected from litigation. Congress was led to believe that as a result, there would be huge epidemics of vaccine-preventable diseases. Hence the establishment of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Sadly, the evidence even in the medical literature, shows that VAERS is being grossly abused with the majority of cases being misfiled as either due to other causes e.g. SIDS, or doctors failing to lodge claims due to a firm conviction that vaccines are safe, combined with bureaucratic obstructive tactics making successful claiming increasingly difficult. Flawed studies funded by the vaccine manufacturers, are then published to endorse a supposed vaccine safety. Similar scenarios are being enacted in other western countries as a response to more and more parents joining together in mutual support and voicing their outrage.

Reports also indicate collusion between the manufacturers, the FDA and other bureaucratic public health bodies, with key personnel being appointed to coordinate product approval, combined with a predominantly uncritical acceptance by the medical establishment of vaccine safety. This appears to have resulted in a protracted, coordinated opposition to all parental claims of serious harm to their children. The perceived need for mass vaccination has thus taken priority over the harm that may affect a given individual, who thus becomes "expendable for the common good". This mindset includes the concept that any harm is so rare that it does not even need to be discussed with the parent. It is compounded by significant financial incentives to vaccinating doctors as well as to U.S. State bureaucracies to maximize vaccinations.

Vaccination schedulesIt is now becoming increasingly apparent that contrary to what had been previously assumed and endorsed by the manufacturers, any vaccine-induced protection tends to wear off within a few years. The result has been a progressive increase in the number of vaccinations with even more booster doses now being recommended i.e. 5 doses of combined tetanus and diphtheria vaccines instead of the previous 3 injections of tetanus. Regular boosters for hepatitis B and measles will also most likely be needed as the evidence shows a lack of any long-term effectiveness. This unfortunately increases the potential risk of any untoward reactions from the inadequately researched toxic adjuvants and/or vaccine contaminants. It also increases the risk of adverse effects being reported, as older children and adults are more able to tell their health professionals about these effects instead of merely screaming until sufficiently sedated. Their previous normal development over their childhood years then precludes any suggestions that autism or epilepsy was "due to appear" and that the onset a few days after the vaccination was thus purely coincidental. Any vaccine derived onset of diabetes would unfortunately be more difficult to substantiate although the incidence, especially in the previously rare under 5 year-olds, has been steadily climbing with claims linking the rise with the genetically engineered hepatitis B vaccine.

Adjuvant and contaminant effects.

Vaccines have additional components used to either preserve against bacterial contamination or to increase their reactivity.

These include mercury as thimerosal, aluminum, phenol and formaldehyde, all of which have known proven toxicities. Vaccines can also contain antibiotics that are contraindicated in pregnant women due to risks for the unborn child. No research exists as to any potential synergistic effects of combining these substances, let alone with vaccines that are themselves known to be potentially toxic, or with viral contaminants, including the pestivirus contaminating the measles vaccine. The whole vaccination program is thus an uncontrolled experiment on millions of children where specialist spin-doctors paid by the vaccine manufacturers, are marshaled to deny claims of harm. The truth then has to wait until sufficient massive evidence accumulates to overwhelm the staged opposition. However, sometimes the evidence accumulates within months as happened with the rotovirus vaccine. After 25 children developed intestinal obstruction soon after having the vaccine, it became too obvious for any further obfuscation and the FDA ordered a recall. Subsequent evidence was given in Washington that some medical committee members who recommended the vaccine to be included in the mandatory vaccination program, had major share holdings (up to US$140,000) in the manufacturing company.

Mercury has been used in vaccines as a cheap preservative. However, mainly as a result of astute parental investigations, it was found that the current vaccine program was exposing infants to over 200 micrograms of organic mercury by age 2 years, an amount that exceeds EPA safety levels. The latest research (as yet unpublished) under Professor Haley, Chairman of Chemistry, Kentucky University, Lexington, has revealed the startling fact that thimerosal is also light sensitive. Exposure for just 2½ minutes of daylight resulted in dissociation to ethyl mercury and a 5-fold increase in toxicity.

The known clinical effects of exposure to minute amounts of mercury include the well-documented signs and symptoms of immune disruption, numerous neuro-psychiatric disorders and symptoms and signs of autism. At the very least, exposure to mercury that can begin before birth if the mother has dental amalgam fillings, and is continued with mercury in her breast milk and in the vaccines, can result in an irritable, colicky baby with a poor sleep pattern and a significantly (and unrecognized) impaired immunity. The latter decreases the infant's resistance to viral or bacterial infections and increases the chances of antibiotics and subsequent destruction of essential gut bacteria. The gut is then colonized by mutant mercury and antibiotic resistant micro-organisms with further health implications.

The amount of aluminum in vaccines at 17 millimolar, obviously greatly exceeds the 10 micromolar amount that is enough saturate a baby's cells and cause G-protein disruption. Significantly, current expert consensus indicates that disruption of G-protein receptors in the body is the predominant cause of autistic spectrum disorders. There is also sufficient published peer-reviewed evidence to implicate the pertussis (whooping cough), hepatitis B and measles (in MMR) vaccines in G-protein disruption (and thus autism).

Autism may be one of the consequences of multiple vaccinations with a mounting epidemic occurring over the past decade. Statistics in the USA have shown an increase of new cases from 5400 in 1991, to 19,000 in 1993, 34,100 in 1996, and indications of up to 50,000 for 1999. This 10 fold increase in a decade must have environmental causes and cannot be assigned to so-called "better diagnoses" as pediatricians were no less competent in 1991. Autistic spectrum disorders are merely the tip of a pyramid of chronic debilitating illnesses including asthma, eczema, chronic upper respiratory diseases including "glue ear", irritable bowel syndromes, epilepsy and diabetes. All of these conditions have escalated out of proportion over the past decade commensurate with the increased number of childhood vaccines. Recently, an astounding 60% of 1300 children in a Texas school were reported as having asthma requiring medication. Asthma was virtually a non-existent 1% a generation ago. An investigation into 700 New Zealand children comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children, has shown at least a doubling or tripling of the above conditions in those that were vaccinated.


Sudden death is also occurring following vaccinations and is
all-too-frequently being conveniently labeled as "Sudden Infant Death
Syndrome" (SIDS). This syndrome has become a catch-all that conveniently offers the medical profession a loop-hole whereby they can even place the blame on the parent. This variously involves, placing the baby on its back and then later changed to on its belly, sleeping or smoking with the baby in the same room, falling asleep and smothering the baby, and worst of all, shaking the baby to death. The VAERS statistics on SIDS following vaccines appear to be grossly flawed, as evidenced by research presented at the 1999 and 2000 Washington hearings under senator Burton confirming gross under-reporting or misrepresentation by doctors. The 1998 Belkin Report also revealed that Belkin's own daughter's death following the hepatitis B vaccination, and confirmed by both his pediatrician and the New York City Coroner, was never recorded in the VAERS statistics despite the NY Coroner calling VAERS to report it. This could imply that many thousands of other deaths and injuries go unreported in order to maintain the status quo and protect the industry. Notably, a pre-marketing study on Hexavac (J. Ped. Inf. Dis. Dec.2000.) revealed that 2 sudden deaths occurred in the 423 children given the vaccine, but both were labeled as SIDS with no bearing on the vaccine given shortly beforehand. There were no such deaths in the larger
control group. According to VAERS, an average of 13,000 reports of
neurological and auto-immune trauma following vaccinations have been filed every year since 1990 with public health officials still claiming that the reports are coincidental. However, a mother whose perfectly normal 14 month old son becomes violently autistic within 24 hours of being given 9 vaccines, would strongly disagree, as would the now thousands of parents whose infants are found dead a few days after being vaccinated.

Whilst violence to children certainly occurs at times, there appears to be a
disturbing increasing incidence where a parent is convicted of causing a
"Shaken Baby Syndrom" (SBS) instead of proper investigations being done into what occurred in the days preceding the baby's death and in the events surrounding the discovery of a very sick or dying infant. For instance, apparent trauma may have been precipitated by an acute on chronic vitamin C deficiency. The subsequent acute scurvy is very likely to be missed, but could occur if for instance, infant feeds are heated in a microwave that destroys vitamin C, compounded by a vaccine that can both use up any vit. C reserves whilst supplying vast amounts of free radicals and toxic heavy metals to overwhelm the infant's already compromised immune capacity. Scorbutic (scurvy) hemorrhages and apparent "healing" rib fractures could easily influence inadequately observant and unaware physicians into the mistaken belief that they are dealing with a battered or shaken baby. The subsequent double tragedy to the parent of both losing a child and being falsely accused of its murder, simultaneously exonerates the attending physicians who continue to remain in their state of ignorance. Vitamin C "dip-sticks" for detecting the levels of vitamin C are available and testing ought to be mandatory in all very sick infants where the diagnosis is uncertain. Supplementation is cheap, safe and very effective.

The widespread demand for spare parts and the "harvesting" of organs with possible commercial value to those involved in transplants, also raises the specter of premature but convenient diagnoses being made by doctors with vested interests, before adequate investigations are completed. Outcome decisions may be made in advance for organs to be kept in suitable condition for harvesting before life in a baby has effectively ceased. For obvious reasons, these commercial decisions might not be made with full parental awareness let alone, cooperation.


Vaccination against childhood infectious diseases is one of the most sacred cows of modern medicine and, according to Professor Campbell, ex-Otago University Professor of Family Medicine, NZ, any doctor who questions its safety is either foolhardy or very brave. It has also become one of the most profitable due not only to vaccine payments but also due to the creation of what appears to be an increasingly massive pool of chronically sick children that will subsequently become chronically sick adults. The human carcass thus becomes unique on the planet in that it only has a commercial value when diseased. Human populations are thus essentially being farmed, although the majority of allopathic doctors believing implicitly in the essential need for vaccinations, would hesitate to agree with this somewhat outrageous suggestion. However, medical training is directed towards fixing problems after they have occurred with mere lip service to any real prevention, i.e. the "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff" mentality.

On the other hand, politicians control the public purse and ought to be made aware that this "medi-business" requires a continuous flow of clients from which the industry can profit. Never-the-less, when sufficient numbers of damaged children can no longer be concealed, public outrage will prevail and, just as in the tobacco fiasco, the end-result will most likely be both costly and painful. The real tragedy lies in that if the accumulating evidence is confirmed, the health of a whole generation has been unnecessarily destroyed.

Mike Godfrey graduated as an MD in England in 1963

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