Health activist Gary Null explores the Yurko case


Respected and renowned medical health guru Gary Null of Gary Null & Associates is nearing completion of a documentary film on the Yurko Project (YP).

Interviewer Manette Loudon, executive producer at GNA, and her crew flew to various locations to film doctors, lawyers, supporters, and professors, as well as Alan at the prison, and Francine in Orlando.

Amazingly, during the course of filming, Ms Loudon tracked down some of the jurors at Alan's trial. One of them, Thomas Miller, agreed to be interviewed. Mr. Miller revealed that he and another juror were pressured/rushed into the verdict by impatient and intolerant fellow jurors and that he still had many more questions. Mr. Miller and his wife are now advocates of the Yurko Project.

Included in the footage are such notables as Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Bayati, whose exhaustive report unequivocally vindicates Alan; Dr. Harold E. Buttram, early, tireless, invaluable "pioneer" investigator of the case; YP supporters and health professionals Dr. Robie Murdoch and Susan Kreider RN; Professor Joseph DuRocher, JD; Loren Rhoton, Esq; Alan and Francine, as well as others.

More news will be available on production in early 2004.

For more info, contact Alan Yurko.

Manette Loudon and Alan during the shoot at Century Correctional, November 10, 2003


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