Yurko Prosecutor Resigns

Saturday, July 26, 2003

Orange County Florida

In the Sat, 7/26/03 Orlando Sentinel, Gary Taylor reported that Robin E. Wilkinson, prosecutor in the Yurko trial, resigned that morning after she posted bail and was released from jail on DUI charges.

Police stopped her at 12:20 am on 25 July 2003. According to the arrest record, she was driving suspiciously, in that she would speed up to about 35 then slow down to 20 mph—in a 50 mph zone.

Randy Means, a spokesman for the State Attorney's office, described Wilkinson as an "aggressive" prosecutor, including cases involving drunken driving. She refused the breathalyzer test, saying she "did not believe" in it.

The news of Ms Wilkinson's resignation would be of marginal interest to followers of the Yurko case, except that, as a prosecutor, she has come under fire for unethical and illegal tactics in several cases since 1984. This pertains to her role in detaining suspects whose innocence she was aware of, and her failure to comply with discovery requests by defense counsels and provide evidence that would tend to clear suspects.

Misgivings about Wilkinson's conduct in Alan's trial are touched upon in the Motion for Post Conviction Relief

May 2004 update: Ms. Robin Wilkinson has disgraced Orlando almost as much as Sashi Gore. Amazingly, however, she has been rehired after her DUI because our State Attorneyís Office was "short on seasoned prosecutors." She therefore appears again on our case, and attended the 26 March 2004 case management hearing.

In the late 1990s Wilkinson was admonished for withholding exculpatory evidence from a defendant. She was also demoted for holding a suspect in custody for three days who she knew was innocent (the famous I-4 Rapist Case), in what appeared to be a move to quell public outcry and bad press for our tourist haven Orlando, Florida.


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