A Chemical Toxic Cause For SIDS
A New Hypothesis

According to WHO figures the number of chemically related illness for the past 50 years may be hundreds of millions with tens of millions dead.

This does of necessity imply that babies should figure on these statistics which they do not. So I put forward the hypothesis that in the same way the world suffers badly from toxic illness and death so to must babies.

A toxic problem for children has been noted by other scientists. In the USA in 1977 Bruce Ames reported in the Science journal that an OP toxic chemical called TRIS-BP was a cancer inducing chemical which was present in infants nightwear. Again in 1989 in the UK Barry Richardson reported high levels of OP toxins in babies mattresses. He was supported by Jim Sprott from New Zealand who even pioneered non-toxic mattresses and to date has found no problem with cot death and his safe bedding.

I wholly support the work of these scientists and so too do chemical mattress manufacturers and babies clothing makers. Today in 2002, it is just not possible to purchase any clothing or mattress for baby use which contains any chemical nerve toxins.

From this and other causes found for cot death, the rate of deaths has fallen tenfold in the UK, but in the wake of the removal of lethal toxins from babies environment comes the realization that those babies that do die are dying from harm at the hands of mothers, fathers and carers. In the UK are several convictions each month for these monsters the sentences being life without parole.

However closer inspection reveals these carers are all using the same MO to bring about this vicious crime of murder. In every case they are filling the lungs up so they cannot breathe, they cause small blood spots on the lungs, thymus, eyelid and even inside the eye itself. They cause bleeding inside the brain and often if checked carefully breaking many of the bones of the rib often without injury that is noticed until after death. Then careful checks reveal they have been committing many of these injuries since even before the birth. All unnoticed until confronted with their enormous crime at a trial where conviction is but a rubber stamp away. We should cheer these dedicated doctors who are single handedly responsible for a 1 000 convictions each, though they are of course handsomely rewarded for this public duty.

A cursory thought would ask if it was conceivable that 1 000 of carers would use the same methods to murder. Another thought as to why for 75 years no such crimes occurred but now they are almost common place. A final thought it is a physical impossibility to produce such symptoms.

No, there must be another explanation. The families all share exposure to OP nerve toxins but not that of toxic bedding or clothes they have long been removed from harming children and never admitted except in abstruse scientific journals with barely a cross reference to their work today except to pick fault with it. The exposure is often by way of flea collars or flea spray or other such pesticide treatment often on cats and if a family has several cats then the risk rises to real concern. The chemicals have all been tested and regulated for use and it seems that even with low dose and repeated exposure even before birth that there is often not enough to kill the foetus or infant child. An earlier than expected birth , problems with bones at birth or other concerns are sorted out, delays to bone development go unnoticed. The baby goes home back to the toxic environment and suffers quietly or if not quietly, calpol is given so that the toxic warnings go unheeded.

Even now death is averted until one day and often at the first available opportunity a vaccine is given. In this vaccine are several powerful toxins they are known as endotoxins to signify they are natural as opposed to the man made nerve agents. A well known synergy or increase in overall toxicity can result possibly 50 times that of the individual risks from either or both together if simply additive. Work to show this, was done after the toxic spill in Italy at Seveso. The research explained why similar people with the same exposures reacted in widely differing ways. It was possible even in animals tests to administer a few low doses of a toxic chemical such that no death occurred. It was possible to use just enough endotoxin so no deaths result. Put the two together and the death to animals rose to 100%.

In all cases the time for this synergy to work and for death to ensue is typically no longer than 10 days. So we have the hypothesis that for a low exposure repeated daily and together with an endotoxin such as might be present in the DTP vaccine we get death induced after a maximum of 10 days.

This is the explanation that fits the facts of many such cases and which cannot be explained by arguments that all carers have magically made up the same impossible method to get rid of their children.

Autopsy evidence for the primary cause of death by an OP flea chemical is difficult if not done at the time of death. In the same way that cells decay and die after death this same process occurs in the doomed toxic child. Samples taken during life could show this slow death of cells. Many changes occur in a body that is slowly dying. Abnormal blood, amino acids, enzymes and even simple chemicals involved in the exchange of oxygen including the level of oxygen itself should be used as a marker to show this toxic connection and not as present to falsely supply so called proof of malice. One single feature often found in cot death is that of pulmonary oedema. This is a classic sign of a toxic death. Evidence from the many thousands of deaths in war shows that mild exposures to nerve agents can cause death after a delay of 10 days.

There is too much evidence of malpractice and ignorance from prosecution scientists to decorate this article with high blown scientific ideas and explanations for the plain facts or to recount often unreadable scientific articles. I will supply such background in another article but it is easily available more and more on the internet. We clearly agree with toxicology that says this pesticide is designed to kill all life. Pesticides do their job efficiently, quietly and in too many cases completely unnoticed to all involved in a sudden and unexpected death.

I would leave the reader with but a few final thoughts if this hypothesis is true.

1: How many innocent people are in prisons around the world?

2: How many survivors went on to get leukaemia, cancer, autism or other health problems?

3: When will someone in authority do something other than No. Our legal team will not allow you to announce that our mattress is of a safer design than before.

I would like to thank especially the USA EPA that have taken action and are systematically banning OP flea products one by one notably diazinon by agreement with the manufacturers after 40 years of safe use 5th December 2000. May you continue to add to the many other OP products that have since joined this safe product into oblivion. Fenthion, chlorpyrifos, phosmet et al RIP.

--John Fryer MSc, Advanced Analytical Chemist

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