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My awareness of Alan Yurko's tragic case involving the cover-up of medical malpractice began when he wrote a personal letter to me in September 2000. Alan is probably the most persistent and insistent human being I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Alan is all heart and compassion, so to have the calliber of human being Alan represents be behind bars for SBS is truly ludicrous. He is the epitome of and clear representation of a medical and judicial system that has failed. I believe this is the main reason he has gained the respect of numerous ethical members of the international medical community. All one has to do is look at Baby Alan's medical records to see that he was suffering from numerous congenital anomalies. The vaccines Baby Alan received at two months of age were totally contraindicated by the manufacturer's own packet inserts. This case is about medical malpractice being blamed on the parents --an increasingly common practice. I urge anyone who reads this to get behind this case and spread the word to your family and friends. This is not an isolated case. What makes this case unique is the fact that Alan has dedicated every waking moment to reviewing every minute detail of his case to ensure that truth will prevail. When Alan prevails in his appeal, it will set a precedent that will rock the medical community and lay the foundation for other cases to succeed. Please join us in supporting Alan and his wife, Francine.

Ingri Cassel, President
Vaccination Liberation - North Idaho Chapter
P.O. Box 1444
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816
(208)255-2307/ 765-8421

"The Right to Know, The Freedom to Abstain"


I feel very strongly that Alan Yurko was imprisoned unjustly regarding the death of his infant son. Also, I feel that in the near future, his legal team will prove that his son died from an adverse reaction to vaccines and not from child abuse. The child abuse charges were trumped-up charges brought by the prosecution that was fully funded by a vengeful medical community.

This is an injustice that has to be corrected as soon as possible. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Raymond Gallup, president, Autism Autoimmunity Project


"What you donít know can kill you," Fred Friendly, former president of CBS and professor at Columbia University, from a talk given at Brigham Young University and broadcast over WHRV-FM, Aug. 20, 1991.

Alan Yurko didn't know that vaccines could be dangerous, particularly for babies. He didn't know that thousands of infants have died from them. He didn't know that vaccinations are the bread and butter of pediatric practice. He didn't know that medical doctors are indoctrinated to believe that 'immunizations' are the greatest medical advance in the history of public health. He didn't know that vaccinations are contraindicated for sick babies by the manufacturers themselves. He didn't know that many pediatricians ignore this warning. Alan Yurko's pediatrician did. Alan Yurko had a congenitally sick baby. When the baby was approximately 8 weeks old he received 6 different vaccines: DPT, OPV, Hib, hep B! Healthy babies have died from just one of these vaccines!

About 10 or 11 days later, Alan noticed the baby had stopped breathing and he rushed him to the hospital. After 75 hours, the baby was dead and Alan Yurko was charged with murder! It's called Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). He is now serving a life sentence plus 10 years without possibility of parole!

Without going into the medical details of the case, many doctors and organizations have spoken out against his conviction, maintaining that the vaccines killed the baby. Can you imagine organized medicine or most medical doctors admitting this? Can you imagine prosecuting the doctor for medical malpractice for administering all these vaccines to baby Alan? How politically incorrect to even suggest such questions!

"How much justice can you afford, Mr. Yurko?" None. Alan had to get a public defender to represent him at the trial. Against six state witnesses, Alan had one distinguished neuropathologist, who testified that the baby's death was due to a "natural disease process" and not trauma. It came down to what the jurors, some of whom were sleeping, believed. Like most people, the jurors believed the power brokers of orthodoxy.

For more information, read the story told in Alan's own words and see the picture of Alan with his baby in the February issue of The Idaho Observer, P.O. Box 457, Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869. Send $2.50. Fax (208) 255-2607. Phone: (208) 255-2307. To assist the Yurkos with their legal expenses, contact Francine Yurko at FRANSWRLD@aol.com.

Walene James, author of Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth and Director of Vaccination Liberation.


Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to register my support for Alan Yurko who is currently imprisoned, accused of murdering his 10 week old baby.

He is accused on the basis that his baby had rib fractures and bleeding on the brain. The baby's ill health and complicated neonatal period was never taken into consideration. His mother suffered with numerous problems during her pregnancy, including a failure to gain weight, sickness, inability to take her pre-natal vitamins and dehydration. All these factors would have resulted in nutritional deficiencies in the baby, which could have caused bone fractures during his premature birth.

The baby continued to have respiratory problems and jaundice which never cleared up following his discharge home. He had obvious failure to thrive.

Given all these factors, he was clearly contraindicated to being vaccinated, yet he received multiple doses of bacteria, viruses and chemicals into an already unhealthy system. He was unwell with fever and fussiness the day after his vaccines until his death. He developed a high pitched cry 10 days after vaccination, which is indicative of brain swelling. Indeed, the pertussis vaccine is used to induce brain swelling in laboratory animals and the 10 day latent phase has been well documented in medical journals.

As another example, the Health Service in the UK say that most problems occurring with our most controversial vaccine - the MMR - happen between 10-14 days after vaccination. The prosecutors in this case completely ignored these facts.

They also didn't bother to look into the baby's neonatal history or his 3 day stay in intensive care after his birth. They also denied the fact that he had meningitis, despite the fact that his meninges were inflammed and they admitted they hadn't examined any spinal fluid. How they can say that he didn't have meningitis without doing any examination is beyond me.

It is VAN UK's belief that baby Alan died from vaccine induced encephalitis and meningitis. As a person who has researched vaccination for the past 6 years, I am disappointed with the prosecuting team for not only ignoring the evidence that shows Alan is innocent, but at their completely unprofessional
failure to look at vaccines in this issue.

Joanna Karpasea-Jones (director)
Andy Hazard (volunteer)
Kath Maeso (VAN UK Cotswolds)
Andrew Karpasea-Jones (assistant director)
Sonja Macura (VAN UK Yorkshire)
Kendra McConnell (VAN UK London)
Marlene Thompson (volunteer)
John Walker (Treasurer, VAN UK)
Gill Johnson (volunteer)


After carefully reviewing the medical records of Francine Yurko and Baby Alan Yurko, the autopsy
report, and court testimony, I am unconditionally convinced that the jury did not fully understand the
complex testimony presented, that material evidence was never presented nor explored, and that Alan
Raymond Yurko did not murder his infant son.

In the case of baby Alan, the threat posed by the diseases, against which he was vaccinated, was
remote. Certainly, based upon US incidence reports to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
one can conclude that diphtheria, poliomyelitis, hepatitis B and tetanus posed no threat whatsoever to this child. The threat posed by pertussis and haemophilus influenza B were minimal. Furthermore, Baby Alan did not attend daycare, and the parents state they had no plans to enroll him in daycare, so the chances of his contracting any of the "vaccine-preventable" diseases were even more remote. One would reasonably expect any attending physician to weigh such a minimal risk against risks associated with vaccinating a particular child. Baby Alan was indeed at an increased risk of a vaccine-related adverse event which would have significantly outweighed his risk of contracting the above diseases naturally. Under these conditions, and in the absence of an immediate threat of infection, a prudent physician would have advised the parents to avoid vaccination altogether or, at the very least, to selectively vaccinate only after the childís health became stable, if that was their choice.

Baby Alan had several serious underlying conditions that already compromised his health. In view of the fact that Baby Alanís health began to further diminish, culminating in his eventual death, following
vaccination, it is astonishing that neither the attending physicians, nor the court, ever entertained
vaccine-culpability. This child should never have been vaccinated in his fragile state and he certainly
should not have received multiple vaccines simultaneously. The parents should have been informed of the risks involved in vaccinating this child and they should have received considerably more information about signs indicating serious vaccine reactions. Like so many others, they fell victim to a medical system that fails to follow even the minimum standards for informed consent and fails to follow-up on injuries associated with a vaccine lot that has a clear record of causing injury and death.

Signs associated with certain vaccine-related injuries are virtually indistinguishable from those typically
associated with shaken baby syndrome. One cannot help but wonder why the professionals involved
relentlessly focussed upon "shaken baby syndrome" as the cause of Baby Alanís death when they also
should have been aware of the potential for vaccines to cause such injuries. As a result, Alan Raymond
Yurko was made the target of an investigation that necessarily excluded the true culprit in Baby Alanís
death. At trial, Francine noted significant changes in the baby following vaccination. The issue was taken no further. Alan Raymond Yurko was convicted of aggravated child abuse and murder and given a life sentence for a crime he did not commit. It bears repeating, Alan Yurko did not murder his son.

Catherine J. M. Diodati, M.A.
110 Eugenie Street West, Suite 439
Windsor, Ontario N8X 4Y6 Canada


Researcher and Author: Biomedical Ethics: The Ethical Implications of Mass Immunization (1998),
Immunization: History, Ethics, Law and Health (1999) and Flu Shots: What You Need to Know
Before Making a Decision (2000).

My name is Dr. Rebecca Carley. I am a specialist in VIDS (Vaccine Induced Disease Syndromes). Please see my website at <www.drcarley.com> for more information on VIDS, which include all autoimmune diseases, cancer, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME. VIDS can be reversed by detoxing vaccines with homeopathy; unless, of course, the result is the DEATH of the individual.

I have reviewed the medical records and related documents of Baby Alan Yurko, and I am COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY CONVINCED that he died as a result of deadly assaults to his premature immune system delivered via the needle of his pediatrician. In addition, I have reviewed the article "The Story of Baby Alan" written by Harold Buttram, MD and F. Edward Yazbak, MD published in the July 1, 2001 edition of the Journal of Degenerative Diseases, and feel that this is a completely accurate and plausible explanation of the mechanisms of Baby Alan's demise and
accompanying physical findings. I TOTALLY CONCUR with their conclusions.

Alan Yurko did not kill his son. The government mandated vaccines, delivered via the needle of Baby Alan's pediatrician led to his death. I completely support the effort to bring out the truth in this case, and will do all that I can to help free this American hero, whose courage and strength in the face of this unimaginable double tragedy will help bring out the truth of VIDS; the biggest epidemic the world has ever known.

In Service to the TRUTH, I AM,
Rebecca Carley, MD

What you don't know CAN hurt you.

Just ask any parent whose child has died, or become autistic / allergic / asthmatic / diabetic / epileptic /
hyperactive or otherwise brain damaged because of a vaccine. Were they told by their doctor that these
things, and more, might be the result of that seemingly innocent little needle prick? Of course not.

Are we told that our babies might scream uncontrollably because their brains are swollen from vaccine -
induced encephalitis, causing them unbearable pain? No. We are told that our child might be a little fussy and have some tenderness at the needle site.

Are we told that insurance companies refuse to cover vaccine injuries because of the high cost, that the
government has therefore added a special "tax" on each dosage so that the consumer pays for these
expected injuries, that well over a billion dollars in compensation has been paid out in a matter of a few
years and this represents only a fraction of the actual victims?

Are we told that vaccine studies are regulated and manipulated by vaccine manufactuers and others with vested interests, that according to the manufacturers own warning label no man, woman, child or dog should be vaccinated if they are ill, that GPs still have a dogmatic "we must vaccinate at all costs"

Are we told that vaccines might not be responsible for controlling disease epidemics anyway, that the
incidence of childhood diseases had decreased by 90% or more long before the introduction of vaccines, that disease rates fell simultaneously in countries where vaccines were not implemented, that epidemics such as scarlet fever and the bubonic plague disappeared without vaccines while diseases that they continue to vaccinate for are still around and still occur even in 100% vaccinated populations?

Just like the rest of us, Alan Yurko was told none of this. He was kept in the dark and his baby was used as part of the largest mass medical experiment ever conceived. And then when his son became another statistic, the blame was placed on a condition with characteristics similar to vaccine damage, Shaken Baby Syndrome, and the finger was pointed at Alan. Alan Yurko was wrongfully imprisoned. His innocence is unquestionable. The circumstances surrounding his son's death would lead to no other
conclusion, if only people were aware of the dangers inherent in vaccination.

The truth is that there are no definitive studies proving vaccination is effective in its purpose. And
alarmingly, there is growing evidence that it may have devastating, irreversable consequences. The
pharmaceutical industry, with billions of dollars in profits at stake, is trying desperately to suppress this
simple truth ...people cannot be treated like cattle. If parents were given the facts and the opportunity to decide for themselves, baby Alan Yurko, and thousands of others, would be alive and well today.

Governing bodies cannot be allowed to take away a man's son, his family, his freedom. This atrocity could happen to any one of us, just as easily.

Karen Maidra
Deputy Director of Vaccine Safety Concerns,
Common Cause Medical Research Foundation



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