The Yurko Project Statement of Purpose

The Yurko Project is a team of medicolegal and family-services consultants comprising doctors, lawyers, paralegals, law clerks, activists, and experts in nearly every field surrounding pediatric head injury, false allegations of abuse, shaken baby syndrome, and related issues.

The abuse of children is a heinous crime, but even more heinous is the abuse and destruction of children and families by false allegations, especially involving shaken baby syndrome. Assistance is provided to families, loved ones, friends, attorneys, doctors, public defenders, judges, and even to prosecutors looking for truth and justice.

With experience in hundreds of cases, the Yurko Project will work formally or informally with families, and/or with attorneys and other professionals. We assist with or custom design case plans, strategies, and medical and legal referrals. Customized referrals aid attorneys in finding exactly the right experts for each case. Case reviews and, in some cases, free expert reports are also provided.


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(Why reversing this conviction will help many people)

The Yurko Project


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